My goal is to create an image with impact. Contrast, diagonal lines, texture and focus are the creative basics. A 917 or a pontoon TR 250 on the track helps. Add the drivers eyes and gloved hands. Color, of course, enhanced by a low sun or opposite the sun, fog or better yet rain. A morning walk of the track to find camera placements that will utilize backgrounds and foregrounds to create diagonal lines, light to enhance contrast, texture, and color. Will a car be jacked out of shape or drifting the turn? Multiple cars and drivers are always better. Is the driver leaning out of the car, looking through a turn? Will you see his eyes?

Be prepared for the unexpected like the trio of 917s into Laguna’s turn eleven or the briefly illuminated McLaren M8F after a day of shooting under a Barber’s overcast sky. I can’t control nature or the drivers but I can be prepared to take advantage of opportunities.

It’s not luck, it’s being prepared to capture the image when offered.

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Dennis Gray

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